Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Enough is Enough!!!!

I have not had the chance to upload a posting for over a month now. LIFE interfered with my blogging activities...Ha-ha! My reading addiction can never be satiated though and so I still try to squeeze in quick perusals of an article or two every now and then....

The words I've typed as the blog title came from a document that I have just read. It is a document submitted by 54 past and current top government officials titled "Time to Go: A Call to our Colleagues in Government". As you may know by now, I am not enamoured with Jun Lozada, but I have to admit that I now realize how strongly his "heroic" deed has reverberated in the hearts of many. The widening ripple created by that single deed is still in action, and I am hoping that the ripple will soon become a wave, and that that wave will soon become a tsunami.

Please check out:

These 54 individuals have "seen-the-light" and are now encouraging other government officials who have witnessed these immoral acts of government to come forward and bask under the rays of TRUTH. They are requesting these officials to CUT CLEAN! They are declaring to the other officials that IT IS TIME TO GO! This is eeriely parallel to the time when Senator Armacost told Apo to "Cut and cut cleanly!"

Talaga namang panahon na....
Talaga namang sobra na...