Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I should have thanked you way back...Thank you for the 'mention' MLQ111 - JL


Monday, October 18, 2010

a perfect life?

What pray tell is a "perfect life?" Is it garnering tons of awards for a job well done? Is it winning the lotto and having so much moolah that you can buy anything your heart desires? Is it having the one person you truly love beside you each and every day?.....BUZZ!!!!! The response to that query is that the perfect life is non-existent....It however can be a reality dependent on perception.....

"Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful"
Circumstances in one's life is a constant stream of ebbs and tides....a cacophony of laughter and sobs....a seemingly chaotic order....I know that is such an oxymoron -- chaos? with order? -- but there truly seems to be order in one's chaos if you scrutinize it.

Why am I babbling on about a perfect life?

First, it is because what I've yearned for has become a reality for me. What was in the innermost chambers of my heart for decades has now ensconced itself within the throne of my heart. I am happy it has (unbelievably happy to be more accurate about it!!). My life is wonderful because of this reality -- but it is not perfect. And I know that when the day comes that what I perceive is the action that will make my life perfect transpires, it will still not be perfect, because for that "perfect life" to occur, concessions will need to be done...concessions and decisions...I do not doubt myself that I will not even blink about those concessions....because my heart knows what it wants. Only one soul can decipher all these ramblings...and it is that single soul that matters anyway...

The second reason for my babble is that the cognizance of the parallelism between one's life journey and a nation's journey can help citizens open their eyes and realize that a nation, just like life, can be wonderful without being perfect. It is this endless pursuit of 'perfect' that has toppled nations and harmed legions of men. When Noynoy was running for the top post in our homeland, I was vaccillating between him and Gibo. I'd hear a speech from Gibo one day and tell myself, "He is the guy for the job!" Then I'd read a compendium of Noynoy's thoughts and tell myself "He has the heart for the job, he should win!" Now that it is P-Noy who is in office, let us all be cognizant of the fact that for that "perfect" to occur, concessions have to be made. Cut him some slack....let him do his work....Do not criticize without really fully reviewing how critical 'critical' can be....I believe the Philippines is skimming at the edge of a new dawn...so just let it be....same as life....let it flow....it will be wonderful.......not perfect.......but.....wonderful....


Was i jolted out of my ennui? Was i shaken awake by a clap of thunder?....No....it was a gentle nudge from someone...a soft tugging of my heart....that has made me resurrect this blog from the ashes of oblivion. After over 2 years of silence...I AM BACK....with a sunnier vision of my homeland...and a happier heart :-)

Postings to follow soon....