Monday, March 24, 2008

Collective Niggard Memory

How short is short??!!! How can the Filipino people forget so soon and let the maggots of yore parade and gallivant on Philippine soil like yesterday never occurred?!! WTF?!!

The shoe lady and the fruit of her loins are all back in public office, the philandering man with his broken english was pardoned by the currently enthroned pygmy lady and is back in the fray, a miscreant currently in jail for rape was re-elected for office, all the "trapos" with their past sugar-coated crimes are still ensconced in power.

And now, Mr. Beho is pointing a finger at a number of greedy ogres. I do admire Lozada for his courage and the humble manner he presents himself to the Filipino people and to all those "honorable" (yecchh!! makes me want to puke!!) men who have been continuously questioning him at the ZTE hearings. But wait Mr. Beho, while you are pointing one finger at them, you are pointing four fingers to yourself!! Make sure you have no malodorous innards if you want to spew out "saintly" verbage!!

My problem is that Filipinos would be so indignant at the moment the revelations come out, but wait until another "issue" erupts....people move on to that next "issue"...forgetting about the other...letting the greedy ogres and their minions go their merry way once again....Why do we forget so easily?!?!

My poor Philippines....

Quo Vadis?!!

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