Sunday, March 30, 2008

An Orchestrated Zarzuela?

When I first saw Lozada on TV he was acting like a humble member of the "masa", but as I watched him at further airings of the ZTE hearings and various rallies, I detected a hint of hidden arrogance. Arrogance that loomed its ugly head each and everytime I'd see him on TV. I also could not help but think that he is just putting-up an act, a well-orchestrated zarzuela where the proclamation of love for his country is actually just a facade for a burgeoning ambition. He should stop acting like the poor victim, claiming that he is impoverished, wearing TWO (not just one people, but two!) scapulars...Poor Jun Lozada, he is so poor daw but when Abalos asked him how come he has Wack-Wack Golf Club shares, he responded with a haughty "400,000 pesos lang naman yun." I am not asking for a squeaky- clean-pure-as-silk saint, merely someone who is really sincere in being a truth crusader! And a genuine truth crusader you are not Jun Lozada!!

Do not get me wrong, I am not fact I am pro "nada". Label me as just pro-Philippines...period!

I am not a lawyer, but I come from a family of abogados who spewed out legalese the way rap singers spew out "f__" words - too often for comfort, and I know that Lozada's dramas and supposedly bombastic statements are not enough to achieve an arraignment.

Lee Kwan Yew once said that too much democracy can ruin a nation, and this rings true with the situation in the Philippines right now.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. During Lozada's visit here in Cebu. He was harassed with a simple but terrible question by a man named "MR.PO". Instead of replying back with a simple answer, he secretly ordered his bodyguard to drag the poor man out and beat it (as shown in National TV News). Opsss, akala ko ba he is fighting for "TRUTH" why he had suppressed the man just to escape to the question? Mukhang hindi alam ni Jun Lozada ang tunay na meaning ng FREEDOM of SPEECHES" as in now enjoying.

One mistake that he made, was when he insulted Cardinal Vidal of Cebu when no priest has gave him a mass for his propaganda. Prior to that, a year ago, Cardinal Vidal issued a circular that "There will be no masses celebrated outside the churches and for political use".
Cardinal Vidal is the most respected personality in Cebu and disrespecting him is just like disrespecting the entire Cebuano. That's why until now, maraming Cebuano ang nagagalit sa kanya. Pasalamat cya at si Cardinal Vidal mismo ang nag payo sa mga Cebuano na patawarin si Lozada, katulad ng pagpapatawad niya. Kung hindi ay off limit siya sa cebu or Persona Nun Grata siya ngayon.

Dito tuloy nakita ang tunay na motivo niya. He uses "TRUTH" just to escape his corruption cases and favoring the cause of Communist Party of the Philippines. Which is to sabotage the economy of our country using "TRUTH", "ZTE" as issues (front).

jingo said...

Lozada sure seems to have a distorted view of the term FREEDOM OF SPEECH. My goodness can you imagine...yang lagay na yan, he is a "Crusader for Truth" daw!! What more if he's someone who's in office (i.e. a Senator)??!!??!! God forbid!!!