Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Epiphany of Sorts

I already have a blog in existence within the vast cyberspace. Yellows, Oranges, Reds, Puppies, Daisies, Families --- these all define what that blog is all about.

Through my nightly surfing and reading on the web, I've come across various materials. Some are highly relevant, some are mildly amusing, and some are utterly, inexplicably inane. Coming across an intensely patriotic blog of someone who turned out to be a person I've known from the past has brought me to this epiphany of sorts. I've become overwhelmed with this need to emancipate all these whirling thoughts within the grey matter in my head. I feel the need to curse, rant and shout! To curse at all the corrupt politicians in the land of my birth. Rant about the seeming insolence that abound. Shout and awaken the Filipino people (not just those who are in the Philippines but even those who live in other countries, just like myself.)

We all have the quintessential Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde persona within us raring to come out, and right now, I am emancipating Dr. Jekyll. Thus, Blues, Purples, Blacks, Storms, wilting Hydrangeas, the Philippines --- these will all define this new blog of mine...

Fear not though, as I will ensure that amid the curses, rants and various assortments of "sighs", nuggets of sobriety and wisdom will abound.

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